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Creating a Future with Sustainable Energy

One of the challenges facing modern society is to decarbonise the economy in order to reduce global climate change. A key facet of this is the elimination of fossil fuels from use in transportation. Research is on-going towards utilising Pyroplas® systems in two areas associated with this important goal:

PyroPlas® systems can be used in the production of clean hydrogen fuel from hydrocarbons or biomass, with the carbon being retained in a solid form, thereby sequestering this carbon in a permanent form and preventing it from contributing to climate change.PyroPlas® systems can be used in the manufacture of nanostructured carbon materials, which have applications ranging from improved electrodes in vehicle batteries, to high strength materials that can be used to reduce vehicle weight.

New Products with New Possibilities

Manipulation of materials on a nanoscale allows the manufacture of higher performance products, and novel materials capable of eliminating some of the issues with current devices such as brake pads, filtration membranes and electrodes. PyroPlas® systems can be utilised in processes manufacturing such materials, and with the experience built up from over 25 years of commercial operation of PyroPlas®, the reliability and automatic operation of our systems provides many advantages to manufacturers.

Effective Modelling for effective decision making

Plasma processes and technologies are becoming more available in market over the decades. The benefits of plasma processes are often very clear but due to the relative ‘youthful’ stage of the technology, we often revert to carry out technical modelling of the proposed application as part of a feasibility assessment.

This modelling is based on the data and capabilities of the PyroPlas® technology from over 25 years of commercial operation. Modelling options range from mass balance assessments, thermodynamic computations and chemical kinetic computation.

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