Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) like Pesticides, OCPs, PCBs, PFAS

POPs are non-biodegradable molecules that persist in the environment due to their low bio-degradability and tendency to bio-accumulate. Due to their persistence, the bioaccumulation of these molecules over long periods of time cause harmful effects on flora and, through the food chain, on fauna and human health. POPs are suspected human carcinogens and disrupt the immune and endocrine systems. They are known to cause developmental defects, chronic illnesses and death.

Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) and Greenhouse Gases

Substances that deplete the ozone are typically man-made and some have such serious effect that they have specific control requirements under the Montreal Protocol.

Contaminated Soils and Sites

We can implement methods and technologies for the successful short-term and long-term management and treatment of contaminated sites in line with local regulatory frameworks. This in many cases requires trials and development as every contaminated site is different.

Legacy Wastes and Stockpiles

Legacy wastes and waste stockpiles are defined as wastes streams that could not be disposed of at the time of generation which have been stored for future management. These waste streams are often stored due to unavailability of an appropriate disposal outlet, or high disposal costs.

Waste Management

Salience boasts extensive operational and commercial experience to be able to provide the Best Available solutions for hazardous and problematic waste from Oil and Gas, Chemical, Agricultural and Mining industries with a focus that all wastes need to be managed carefully and diligently.

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